Obsessed with Outlander Aromatherapy Apothecary

Fàilte- welcome!

We have Traveled through Time to bring you a collection of rich, aromatic essential oil mists ~ Obsessed with Outlander Aromatherapy ~ that Claire herself might have compounded or purchased from the apothecary of her mystical ally Master Raymond.

Through Claire’s adventures, we learn how people in the mid 1700s cared for themselves using herbs, plants, flowers, spices, bark and roots. From these same traditional elements, we have created three irresistible pure essential oil mists. They capture the rich, natural blends that Claire and Jamie could have used and enjoyed as personal scents and healing formulas. Breathe deeply as you use the mists to uplift mood or as your signature scent.

Just like Claire, you and I can be Time Travelers. Indulge your imagination! Step through the Standing Stones as you mist these blends on your hair, skin, and clothing. Wear as your personal scent in castle, court or grove. Add to your chambers for intrigue and romance. Mist before and after you explore any and all the magical places in your life!

Gift yourself and the other Time Travelers in your life with Obsessed with Outlander Aromatherapy. Time Travel can indeed be yours!

– Julia Archer, Founder of Open Door Aromatherapy, Outlander fan and Time Traveler

A ‘gabhail tlachd – enjoy!

Outlander Inspired Gifts For You and the Other Time Travelers in Your Life!

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