Aromatherapy Keynotes, Classes and Workshops in Colorado Springs

Julia offers classes and workshops in the use of Aromatherapy. She also delivers fun, inspiring and dynamic talks and keynotes on breaking wellness topics and how our actions can make a significant difference on the planet in these critical times.

She loves to teach yoga and travel, and she would be delighted to come to you! Here are some favorite topics:

  • Ancient Wisdom and Your Magical Body- Chakras and the Endocrine System
  • Aromatherapy and You- Unleash the Power of Plants to Enhance and Heal
  • Create Your Unique Signature Fragrance! Hands on Aromatherapy Workshop

Please contact Julia directly to chat with her about creating an event for your yoga studio, spa, store or group of friends.

If you live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, when you take Julia’s yoga classes, you can be sure to get a delicious dose of Open Door Aromatherapy as you end your practice.

Julia Archer with Open Door Aromatherapy in Colorado Springs
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