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About Open Door Aromatherapy Essential Oils, Personal Scents and Body Mists in Colorado Springs

Wherever we are headed in our lives, how we treat our bodies determines the quality of the adventure.

We each seek the best adventure possible, so it is vital that we focus on what brings us optimum health. It is very clear that the products we buy and use affect both our individual health and the health of the larger natural world we are part of.
At Open Door Aromatherapy, we are committed to using and bringing to market products that help, not hurt people, animals and all the natural systems that support life.
Aromatherapy has traditionally been used as medicine, as a complement to massage, as an air freshener and in other ways. Now you can also use it as your personal scent. You will smell fabulous, receive immediate benefits, and support the natural environment!


– Julia Archer, Founder, Open Door Pure Aromatherapy

Julia Archer by Grace Gatto Photography

For Personal Use

Easy steps for a transformative moment:

  • Shake gently, then raise the mister over your head.
  • Tilt your face up and close your eyes.
  • Spray gently into the space above you.
  • Let it mist down to you. Breathe deeply!
  • Let your skin, hair and clothing absorb the fragrant, therapeutic mist.
  • Mist as much or as little as you like, as often as you want/need.
  • So many uses! Wear as your personal scent, share with friends, add to your yoga practice, clear and enhance your work space, and more!
Julia Archer by Grace Gatto Photography

For Yoga Teachers

How to give your students an aromatic healing gift in Savasana:

  • Briefly educate your students: “I’ll be giving you each an aromatherapy treatment today. Let it touch your skin and breathe it in! If you would rather not have any, place your hand on your belly so I know to step past you.” You can mention any benefit that you like.
  • Shake your favorite blend gently.
  • If possible, bring a towel or scarf with you as you walk the room.
  • While your student is lying down, spray gently from approx. 4 feet above them.
  • When using a towel, mist or spray below the face or above the face.
  • Then waft the mist over the face with your towel. Voila! Added bliss.
  • If you are simply using the mister, spray gently towards the face from at least 4 feet, so that the mist is soft. Make sure your student’s eyes are closed. Ahhh! Heaven.

Create your own method! The variations are endless, and your students will benefit greatly.

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