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September 19, 2017

Obsessed with Outlander- You Too? Launch Date thoughts from Julia

Julia’s blog 11-4-18

Today, as Outlander Season 4 begins, we formally launch our Obsessed with Outlander Aromatherapy Collection. We are so excited! Check it out! I know you Outlander fans will love it! A close friend and Outlander fan asked what inspired me to do this collection. Ahhh, what a question! Yes, it sure was a major inspiration- because launching a collection is no small task! It takes resources, inspiration, creativity, research, artwork, labels, permissions, collaborating, finding the time, and choosing the amazing blends themselves.

So where did my inspiration come from? First, I really and truly believe in Time Travel. Quantum physics explains it all. Plus I have actually time traveled. Ask me about this sometime when you are willing to nerd out with me on what is possible within the human experience. Second, my whole life I have felt a sense that I have lived other lives in times past, and I have evidence of that! Here is the evidence: my sister and I have always been very close. One time many years ago we both participated in a past-life regression session with a group of maybe 10 other people. We were guided into a trance state and then led through a past life regression visualization.

What do you think happened? After the session, we were asked to go around the room and share our experiences. My sister spoke first. From her past life, she described her ethnicity, age, time frame, where she lived, and details of her life. And- the details of the community, lifestyle, ethnicity, time frame, all of it- matched mine! Whaaat? There is no way she could have known what I was planning to share. Right there. Hard evidence of the reality of past lives.

Did I have a past life in Scotland? Well, after I get back my results, I’ll let you know.

The third reason- and in some ways the most important- is this: In many ways the past has a certain richness that modern first world life has lost. I believe that millions of us Outlander fans like myself feel that loss and long for it. In Claire, we see a woman like ourselves who has a real chance to return to a time when one would ride a horse or walk instead of travel in a car. The physical grace- and yes, hardships- of being closer to nature were so much more available to us. Hence, a greater feeling of aliveness. Before Claire returns to the past the second time, she weighs the pros and cons of the convenience of modern life versus her increased sense of aliveness in the past with Jamie. She chooses aliveness. I get that. I would too.

The Obsessed with Outlander Aromatherapy Collection will arrive at your door in a package that seems straight from M. Raymond’s Paris shop in 1744. Handle it with care, it’s come a long way! Open it, enjoy it, believe in it. Let’s travel through the stones together.

Julia Archer
Obsessed with Outlander Aromatherapy Collection
Open Door Aromatherapy founder, Outlander Fan and Time Traveler

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