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October 28, 2015

Natural vs. Unnatural Scents

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HI Friends!

To current and future users of Open Door Pure Aromatherapy- THANK YOU for making a commitment to pure, natural products! How did we ever swallow the toxic koolaid that said anything that harms our biological roots, our Earth, could ever be beneficial? Well, hopefully you and I are now over that advertising-fueled delusion and are now in the process of building a better, brighter future for all our relations and future generations. Go Team Earth!

I am proud that our line of artificial-ingredient-free, pure essential oil blends can indeed improve health, mood and the immediate environment in a few luxurious mists over the hair, body, a friend’s body, clothing, car interior and more!

You may have noticed that the artificial ‘fragrances’ that seem embedded in more and more products—from room fresheners to colognes to laundry detergent to baby wipes—actually don’t smell too great when compared to the aromas Nature creates.

Consider the links below. I hope they will fuel your commitment to natural scent products rather than the toxic “room fresheners” that masquerade as a pleasant aroma! Next time, we’ll discuss colognes and perfumes.


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